Ian Cockroft - Account Executive

Ian Cockroft Schofield Insurance Brokers

Direct Dial: 0113 202 1235
Email: ian.cockroft@schofieldinsurance.co.uk

Ian joined Schofield Insurance in June 2012. With a background in commercial insurance going back over 30 years, Ian enjoys looking after the insurance needs of a diverse range of clients, new business start-ups, through to larger companies, while also advising on a range of specialist household insurance cover. Aware of the increasing legislation surrounding Health & Safety, Ian took a NEBOSH diploma course to be in a better position to advise companies in the steps they need to take to ensure compliance with all the current legislation.

Personal Interests: Away from work, Ian enjoys walking, keeping fit, and building up his extensive music collection.

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More than an Hour of Sleep is Lost Each Night due to Stress

Half of UK workers lose an average of nine hours of sleep each week because of stress, according to new sleep research. What’s more, the lack of sleep not only can make you groggy the next day, but can also have a significant impact on your ability to focus, solve problems and complete tasks.

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2017 Saw Home Burglaries Rise by a Third

There were an estimated 261,965 domestic burglaries last year, according to the Office for National Statistics. This is an increase of 32 per cent over 2016 and highlights the continued importance of home security. To ensure that your home is adequately protected, follow these six tips:

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Still Keep Your Keys in the Flowerpot?

In an attempt to keep our homes safe we fit security lights and close blinds before going out – so why do we still undo all that hard work by leaving a set of spare keys outside?

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