Anyone providing a professional service to an organisation should consider professional indemnity insurance. This is also true for Football Intermediaries and Match Agents providing a specialist service. It covers you against claims made by your clients for financial losses, legal actions or damages as a result of mistakes you may have made, or where you are accused of being negligent in services that you have provided. Schofield’s are able to provide football agents insurance.

Schofield Insurance Brokers specialise in handling Professional Indemnity Insurances for Football Intermediaries and Match Agents. We have an exclusive scheme that can offer savings from the standard market rates available.

You can decide the limits of your indemnity under your policy based on your own assessment of the likelihood of a claim and the level of exposure you assess your business faces.

Our minimum recommended limits of indemnity start at £250,000 and range up to and in excess of £10,000,000. For larger clients we can write multi-agent / intermediary policies that operate under a company name.

Our cover is for “Professional Liability” and is defined as:

“Intermediates and/or Match Agents undertaking the negotiation of football employment, sponsorship and endorsements contracts. This includes the transfer of players (Intermediaries only) and arranging matches (Match Agents only) between football teams”.