From sensitive personal data, to expensive surgery equipment, there is a lot that needs to come under the protection of an Office or Surgery Insurance policy, even some things that often our clients haven’t actually given a second thought to, such as external signs.

Graphic designers, solicitors, veterinary surgeries and opticians can all see the benefits both in terms of coverage and value for money that an insurance package tailored to them and their work environment can bring.

What needs considering?

Other than Employers’ and Public Liability, both bare essentials in any policy that’s serving a working environment, even if your clients only occasionally pay a visit to your premises, there are other important matters that should be addressed:

Cyber Liability

If you’re a solicitor, or manage a doctor’s surgery, you’ll probably store what is classed by the Information Commissioner’s Office as “personal sensitive data.” If this data is breached during a cyber attack, it could have a detrimental impact on the individuals involved. This risk is by no means limited to larger organisations.

Deterioration of stock

There’s always the risk that any stock kept in a cold chamber will be affected in the event of a power loss, which is why a surgery policy will often include Loss of Refrigerated Stock amongst it’s covers.

Machine and IT Systems

Graphic designers and production companies may work with expensive computers designed to cope with the demand of large files and software, and surgery environments, such as opticians, rely on specialised equipment for examination and diagnosis.

Either through a face-to face meeting, over the phone, or through an email, we will present you with a number of quotes, all for an Office or Surgery Insurance package that’s relevant, sufficient, and offers you good value for money.

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