If your profession takes you out of the office, whether this is a working environment in a conventional sense or a work station in your own home, Public Liability can protect you from any claims that occur if you accidentally damage third party property or cause an injury to someone else within your working hours.

Any clients you visit on their own business premises may well have their own Public Liability in place to cover things like damage to employees and visitors’ personal possessions. What they won’t be covered for is visitors damaging their own property, if for example, you drop your laptop on a glass table and smash it, or a member of staff trips over your bag and injures themselves.

You are far more liable for legal action within your working capacity than outside it, as Public Liability is one of the more essential covers that every limited company and sole trader should look to have in place.

It’s understandable that as an individual, you might overlook this, but you are still open to claims being made against you no matter how small your outfit.

Our brokers at Schofield Insurance will look at details such as how often you visit clients, and how frequently clients come to you, so we can source the most appropriate cover option from a range of available insurers.

Not only will Public Liability cover any costs for damage or compensation, such as if an injured party is unable to work for any length of time, but also offer financial support for legal costs if such an incident escalates.

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