To help protect your prized possessions and cherished valuables, you need a High Net Worth Insurance broker that appreciates their worth to you. With Schofield Private Clients, you’ll get total peace of mind, plus exceptional cover and superior service.

At Schofield Private Clients we know that many of our clients are collectors of jewellery, fine and decorative arts and period furniture. Our partner insurers’ policies include a broad range of specialist covers to protect your most precious possessions. These policies automatically include:

Agreed Value approach

From day one, you can be reassured that your possessions are covered with Schofield Private Clients to the agreed insured value without quibble. You are able to individually list all of your valuable possessions with a specific and agreed value for each piece. In the event of damage or a loss, you will receive payment for the exact amount listed for the item.

Cover for Loss in Original Value

If an item is damaged, Schofield Private Clients partner insurers will restore it as perfectly as possible. Plus in many cases they will compensate you for any loss in original value due to the damage.

Cash or Replacement option

If some items cannot be replaced like-for-like, you have the choice of replacing an item with something similar from your own supplier, or keeping the full cash settlement.

Valuations only required for High Value Items

We don’t require valuations for all your valuable possessions. We only ask for valuations if an item exceeds £25,000 for jewellery and £50,000 for other valuables. Our partner insurers all have access to specially negotiated rates with a number leading valuation companies.

Replacement of a pair or set

In the event of losing one piece of a pair or set, you will be able to choose to receive the full replacement cost of that pair or set so long as you provide them with the remaining piece(s). Your High Net Worth Insurance provider will also be able to have a damaged item repaired, and provide a suitable settlement for any reduction in the value of the pair or set as a whole.

“All risks” Worldwide Cover

Our partner insurers broad coverage means all your possessions are automatically covered wherever you are in the world at all times, including for instances of loss or damage.

Instant cover for newly acquired pieces

Cover is automatically extended to include cover for any newly acquired jewellery and collectibles for up to 60 days prior to broker notification.

Art Loss Register

Insurers have found The Art Loss Register has had considerable success in recovering and returning stolen works of art. If you have a piece of art stolen, our partner insurers will add its details to the register free of charge.

Defective Title Cover

Cover for up to 10% of the total sum insured for fine art and antiques, subject to a maximum of £25,000, if you are found not to have good title to an item and are required to return it to the legal owner.

Jewellery kept in a bank or safe deposit

Automatic cover for items noted on your schedule that are temporarily removed for up to 30 days in any period of insurance and up to £50,000 for any claim.