At Schofield Insurance, we account for your skill, your ever-changing work location, and all the equipment and materials you need to do your job as a tradesman, and we do this with an inclusive Tradesman Insurance package.

This policy can be as flexible as it needs to be to cover such a wide-ranging field, with window cleaners, tree surgeons and glaziers among the many who fall into the tradesman bracket.

Limits of indemnity can be altered according to your work, so if you’re fitting a glass fronted building and an inaccurate measurement sets the project back, your needs for a higher limit may be greater than a tradesman who might have a much smaller undertaking on their hands. If something does go wrong with the job at hand, Contract Works can compensate for damage to any existing buildings that you are currently working on, if you’re carrying out an extension, for example.

In addition to this you may have just one van or several, which will determine whether you need a commercial van insurance policy or motor fleet cover. Likewise you might be a sole trader, or employ other people, and if the latter is applicable to you then Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement.

Our brokers at Schofield Insurance are here to help you sift through all the necessities of your cover, so that you can work within the safe confinements of solid insurance protection.

Of course you will still need to take reasonable steps to ensure your own safety and the security of your tools and materials, as the following exclusions will commonly apply:

  • Theft of tools from an unattended vehicle
  • Dealing with asbestos
  • Working in particularly hazardous locations

For enquiries around your Tradesman Insurance please contact us at Schofield Insurance on 0113 250 0377 or click here to contact us online.