Salons, spas and hairdressers provide different treatments and health and beauty packages to achieve different results for their customers, and our approach to arranging Salon Insurance for these establishments works very much in the same way at Schofield Insurance.

There are base levels of cover which we would expect to be necessary for most salons, including:

  • Employers’ and Public Liability – can protect your staff and the customers who are in and out the door throughout your business hours
  • Product Liability – ensures that any faulty or insufficient product that has resulted in the injury or financial loss of the customer can be compensated for
  • Stock and contents – accounts for all the equipment and products that without which, you would not be able to offer your service.

We will likely build on these essentials for a package that’s going to suit your individual requirements. Cover limits may vary depending on the size of your outfit, and whether you manage just one premise, or operate a chain in various locations.

Whatever the makeup of your policy, it will be explained clearly to you, what cover is in place, why it’s there, and how it’s going to work if you need to make a claim.

Of course if you do find yourself in a position of making a claim, such as if you have to close for a week due to a burst pipe and you want to claim on Business Interruption, our Account Handlers at Schofield Insurance will pick this up on your behalf, negotiating a settlement with the insurance provider for a fair and fast outcome to your problem.

For all other Salon Insurance enquiries please contact us on 0113 250 0377 or click here to contact us online.