It’s your pride and joy, the vehicle you lavish attention and time upon, a delicate machine that requires dedication, care and maintenance.

Schofield Private Clients are able to provide cover for a wide range of classic cars with a range of affordable insurance policies to meet the demands and needs of our customers. The policies that we are able to source from our partner insurers are flexible and competitive within the current market.

For a standalone Classic Car Insurance policy most insurers deem a “classic” to be any vehicle over 15 years old with a minimum value of £1,500 although this may differ depending on the insurer. A “vintage” car is however generally accepted as being a vehicle built before 1930.

Schofield Private Clients will be able to help find a policy to either cover your pride and joy on an individual classic or Vintage Car Insurance policy or on a multi-car or family fleet basis, covering anything from the 1930’s Bentley, to a one litre hatchback.

Schofield Private Clients will be able to source a Classic Car Insurance package that is tailored to meet the needs of you and your vehicle. Our partner insurers have a wealth of experience within Classic Motor Vehicle Insurance market so you know your Classic Car Insurance will be in safe hands.

Our classic motor vehicle private client managers will work with you, the customer, to understand what you need from a classic car insurance policy.

Key Features

Classic Car Insurance, second Car Insurance and multi vehicle or family fleet policies can be significantly cheaper than insurance for the individual vehicles covered on standalone “private car” insurance policies. Schofield Private Clients allows you to modify these specific requirements making your policy unique to you and can include some of the following benefits:

Agreed Valuations

Many of our partner insurers offer an ‘agreed value’ opportunity for classic car owners. In most cases this is included as one of the benefits of the policy or it is available to purchase alongside their insurance. This allows you and the insurer to know the exact value you will be paid for the vehicle in the event of an accident or claim. If a claim does occur you will be paid your agreed value regardless of the current market value of your vehicle.

Off Road Cover

Laid Up Insurance policies are now proving popular among classic car owners. Many classic vehicles are often kept off road, whether this is for restoration purposes or you simply want you vehicle in a garage during the winter. In light of the government’s new regulations any vehicles not declared SORN will need insurance. Our partner classic car insurers offer various options for “off road” or “laid up” vehicles. This means you could pay less to reflect the fact you are not driving the vehicle but you would still like it to be protected against accidental damage, fire and theft.

Limited Mileage Cover

Schofield Private Clients deal with partner insurers that understand that your classic or vintage car is often your second or third vehicle, and as such they are often able to a discount in return for the annual mileage per vehicle being limited.

In addition to the above the Schofield Private Clients classic and vintage policies are able to provide

  • Reinstatement cover
  • Up to 50% uplift in value to cover uneconomic repair costs available as an option
  • Option to retain salvage
  • Personal accident cover for you and your spouse
  • Cover for medical expenses for each person in the vehicle
  • Cover for personal belongings if they are lost or damaged by an accident, fire, or theft if located in or on the car
  • Legal costs incurred with your consent, in connection with a claim against your policy

Optional extras dependent on the partner insurer:

  • European cover
  • Cherished number plate cover
  • Annual wedding hire (to cover the hire of your vehicle at weddings)
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Towing of a trailer or caravan (third party only)