Take hold of that mould, and fast

Water damage is one of the most common home insurance claims in the country. Most damage is caused by burst pipes, old appliances or a leaky roof. Its more than likely that your home insurance policy will cover this type of damage – but you need to act fast to stop problems of mould developing.

Its important to call your insurance broker immediately and report any water damage so the claims process can start. Mould needs moisture to grow, and when it grows, it does so quickly. It can damage your property and possessions and cause a range of health problems including runny noses, coughs and headaches, to more serious upper respiratory ailments such as asthma or bronchitis.

Your adjuster should ensure that you have a contractor in your house promptly. The contractor will clean up the water and carry out repairs as needed. If you wait too long and mould growth starts, clean up costs will increase significantly.

In the event that you already have extensive mould because, for example, youve had water damage while youve been away on holiday, then you and your adjuster will have to discuss drying out the area quickly and removing the mould safely. Steps should be taken by the contractor to protect your family from exposure to mould, including sealing off the affected area, using an exhaust fan to remove air from the affected area to the outdoors, and sealing mouldy material in plastic. The contractor should also check to make sure there is no remaining mould in your house. Make sure the work has been done properly and check for the possible spread of the mould before you tell your adjuster that you are satisfied.

Most insurance policies will pay out for a covered peril such as a roof damage by a storm, or a leaky pipe, and will cover mould damage if the direct cause of the water damage, and therefore the mould growth, can be identified. However, there are certain circumstances where you’re unlikely to be able to claim on your home insurance:

  • if it is pre-existing mould that was in your house prior to the water damage, youre unlikely to be covered. A good inspector will be able to tell the difference between pre-existing mould and recently developed mould
  • if you find water damage that indicates leakage over a period of time, mould may have already developed and more than likely your claim would not be covered
  • if the water damage was due to you not keeping your house maintained and repaired properly
  • if the water damage is due to a flood – you need separate insurance for this eventuality.

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