Exciting times! The next chapter…

As our business moves in to its 50th year, and after sustained growth, we are now starting the next part of our journey.

Whilst we remain Schofield Insurance Brokers Ltd, as of 1st October 2021 we were acquired by Ethos Partner Holdings Ltd (Ethos Broking UK) and are proud to be a regional hub in the North.

Ethos Broking UK is a collection of like-minded brokers across the country who share similar values and aligned cultures, with a strong presence within their local communities. Their business principles, culture and strategy closely mirror our own aspirations which will allow us to continue to be a Community led Broker, servicing, visiting and supporting our clients.

It’s been a great ride so far, but now we are excited to move forwards and enjoy the future working alongside Richard Tuplin and the Ethos team, exploring new opportunities not only for our business but more importantly our clients.

Happy New Year

As we approach the start of the New Year with refreshed optimism, we want to thank all our clients for your loyalty, commitment and support.

At this time last year, nobody could have predicted what would happen, but we have to say that we admire the resilience and positivity all our clients have shown and how they have approached the changes thrust upon them.

Many of us had never heard of ‘Furlough’ or ‘Zoom’ and ‘Working from Home’ was something other people did, indeed ‘Pandemic’ was right out of a blockbuster movie.

We know from personal experience of working with smaller numbers of people in the office whilst most of our staff worked remotely from their homes, the challenges this created both from a mental and business perspective, but we have huge respect for how our colleagues managed and particularly how our clients managed and survived and, in some cases, grew stronger.

We will never look back and think 2020 was a good year, but we will look back and consider it made our Business more client focused and hopefully more relevant. We answered our client’s numerous enquiries and responded to their business needs, whether that be insurance advice or just plain and simple business advice once distilled from local and governmental updates.

As an Independent Broker, we are nothing without our clients and we remain grateful for you choosing us to handle your insurances in 2020. Unlike the majority of the Broker fraternity, we became more visible in 2020 where most hid from sight and didn’t respond to calls or indeed cover deadlines. It is clear to see 2021 will throw up further challenges for us all, but we will look forward to working with you and finding the insurance solutions you require.

We remain hopeful that the deployment of the vaccines will allow us to leave the virtual world behind us and a return to face-to-face meetings, so we are going to be optimistic that our staff are allowed to fill our calendars with real ‘face to face’ meetings this Year.

Thanks again for your loyalty, it really does mean the world to know that you choose Schofield Insurance Brokers to help you through these difficult times.

We hope you and your families stay safe and wish you all a Happy New Year.