Minding Your Gender Pay Gap

Data from the first gender pay gap reports that were due 5 April have been released and the findings are disheartening. Organisations with at least 250 employees were required to disclose the pay gap between male and female employees, including their bonuses. According to the reports, 78 per cent of women work for organisations that pay them less than their male colleagues. What’s more, women earn, on average, 18 per cent less than their male co-workers, while the average gap for the companies that were required to report was 9.7 per cent. (read more) "Minding Your Gender Pay Gap"

Warning! Cyber-criminals Can Easily Gain Access to Your Home

A quarter of UK homes contain some kind of smart device, such as smart plugs and wireless security cameras, according to a survey from technology retailer, Maplin. What’s more, 420 million smart devices are expected to be installed in homes across the country by 2020, according to government estimates. Each smart device is vulnerable to cyber-criminals and, while not every device may provide them with sensitive personal information, it can nevertheless act as a way into your home. (read more) "Warning! Cyber-criminals Can Easily Gain Access to Your Home"

Put the Brakes on Demonising Diesel

The number of new diesel registrations has declined by almost 25 per cent since the beginning of 2017, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Rather than it being an issue of performance—new diesel cars in 2017 emitted 12 per cent less carbon dioxide than equivalent older models—experts say the decline is a result of the demonisation of diesel. Contributing to diesel’s demonisation is that, beginning 1 April, drivers could pay £20 to £500 more for their first year vehicle excise duty if their new diesel cars don’t meet the latest emissions standards. (read more) "Put the Brakes on Demonising Diesel"