Covid-19 and customers in temporary financial difficulty

The FCA have recently issued final guidance - Coronavirus and customers in temporary financial difficulty: guidance for insurance and premium finance firms, that requires that firms should make clear in their communications, including on their websites and apps, the different options available to customers, and encourage them to make contact if they are experiencing temporary financial difficulty as a result of coronavirus. Firms should make it as easy as possible to contact them, and consider the needs of customers with different communication needs (EG those needing to communicate through channels other than telephone) to ensure all customers that need help can access it easily.

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New Workplace Guidelines

At SIB we have recently completed our workplace Risk Assessment via LIghthouse Health & Safety Consultants. Like most employers we wanted to ensure our employees will be returning to work in a safe environment and for us we felt it essential to have that carried out by an independent specialist provider.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

We have shared our best tips and advice on how best to help your people during this time. The downloadable article below takes you through advice on:

• How the current pandemic could impact individuals

• What you can do for your people

• Support helplines